Motors project

Our dc gear motor,using special grease,workable under low temperature ,-40 degree,no ice no freeze,suitable for low terperature place,such as valve motor in watering system in north area.


Temperature controlled valves 

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Medical instruments

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Precision instruments

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Company Overview

Shenzhen Bobet Technology Co.,Ltd develop,design and make motors,such as 12v dc motors,24v dc motors,48v dc motors,90v dc motors,110v/220v dc motors,stepper motor,servo motors,geared stepper motors and geared dc motors,brushless dc motors(BLDC motors),nema 8,nema11,nema 14,nema 16,nema 17,nema 23,nema 24,nema 34,nema 34 series hybrid stepper motors or called stepping motors,closed loop stepper motors(easy servo motors),DC servo motors,AC servo motors,precision gearbox,bevel gearbox,right angle gearbox,precision planetary gearbox,single phase,3 phases AC motors,which is about 100w,200w,300w,400w,500w,600w capacity. our factory was built in 2007,has more than 10years manufacturing experience of motors. we will be glad to see our products and service are helpful to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost for our customers. We are ready to help our customers to solve any problems all the time,such as consulting, quotation, and proofing.We offer OBM,ODM & OEM service for customizable brushless dc motor,stepper motor,gear dc motor,servo motor,precision gearboxes and drivers more than 10 years. we do business with reliable products, responsible attitude, win-win mentality,known as BM brand.

Products Information:

Product  attributes 

brushless dc motor(with gear)

Features &


fast response,big torque,low hot ,High speed can be up to 3000rpm, brushless,long life time,reliable,high efficient

Product application

industrial,commercial,Agriculture applications and machine,such as AGV,lown mower machine,big printer,ATM...

Products Details:

Products Datalist:

Model nameRated voltage(v)

No load Speed  (rpm)


No load Current(mA)


Load speed(rpm)

D300   2.2   3100    5162252400

Products Drawings:

You can find out best solutions of motors, motion system.

Stepper motors,closed loop motors ,servo motors,motors with encoder rearch,design,manufacture and custom.


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