BLDC motor driver E300B

This product is BLDC motor driver E300B

 General features 

This series of control driver is a closed-loop speed controller, using IGBT and 

MOS power device. It uses the Hall signal of DC brushless motor to achieve double-loop 

speed control after closed-loop frequency control. The control mode is with PID speed 

regulator. The system control is stable. Reliable, especially at low speeds to get 

the maximum torque, and the speed control range is 150~20,000 rpm


a, PID speed, current double loop regulator 

b. Hall is compatible with or with no Hall, automatic identification,

 non-inductive mode is only suitable for special occasions (starting load is 

relatively constant) 

c, high performance & efficient, low energy consume 

d, 20KHZ chopping frequency 

e, electrical brake function, make the motor react quickly 

f, the overload capacity is up to 2 times, the torque can always reach the maximum 

at low speed 

g, with overvoltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, over temperature, Hall signal 

illegal and other fault alarm function 

3 electrical indicators 

Recommended standard input voltage: 24VDC~48VDC, 8VDC under-voltage protection 

point, 60VDC overvoltage protection point. 

Maximum continuous input overload protection current: 15A, the factory default 

setting is 10A. 

Acceleration time constant Factory default: 0.5 seconds . 

Safety Precautions 

This product belongs to professional electrical equipment and should be installed, 

commissioned, operated and maintained by professional technicians. Improper use can 

result in electric shock, fire, explosion, etc. 

This product is powered by DC power supply. Please confirm that the positive and 

negative poles of the power supply are correct. 

Do not plug or unplug the cable with power, and do not allow cable shorting during 

power-on, otherwise the product will be damaged. 

If the motor needs to change direction during operation, it must be decelerated 

to cause the motor to stop before reversing. 

The drive is not sealed. Do not mix conductive foreign objects such as crepe or 

metal shavings or flammable foreign materials inside. Please pay attention to 

moisture and dust during storage and use. 

The drive is a power device, and the heat dissipation and ventilation of the 

working environment should be kept as much as possible. 

Warranty limit 

The warranty for this product is limited to the device and process (ie, 

consistency) of the product. 



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